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 Fastlane Pool


Fastlane Pool Overview

IF YOU SIMPLY WANT TO SWIM, with little interest in the time, effort, and expense involved in installing a fully-landscaped pool, our Fastlane Pool is the ideal alternative.

A unique advantage of our freestanding Fastlane Pool is its seasonal mobility. Enjoy the pool outdoors for the warmer summer months then move it to your garage or basement for year-round exercise, relaxation and fun.

We selected the highest quality, Italian-made, fabric walled pool and added our Fastlane swim current generator to create our most cost-effective pool offering. Our Underwater Mirror allows you to watch your stroke and make adjustments as you swim.

Designed for complete ease of installation, the Fastlane Pool gets you and your family swimming quickly without the planning, construction and expense of a traditional in-ground pool.

The Fastlane Pool makes swimming more convenient and lets you swim on your schedule without having to worry about driving, finding an open lane or paying health club fees.



What our customers are saying...

"We have a dual propulsion unit which allows both my wife and I to do different workouts at the same time and at increased levels of difficulty."
— Michael C., Machias, ME

"The Endless Pool has cleared up all my back problems and makes me feel so well. In addition, unlike so much exercise, I enjoy it."
— Charles H., Summit, New Jersey