House Tour: Sunroom PoolsAbove ground

Imagine swimming in warm water by moonlight or during snowfall! Sunroom installations let you enjoy the elements from the comfort of home.

Aboveground in a sunroom works best with skylights and high windows. That prevents the higher-profile of the Endless Pool from blocking the light.


  • An inexpensive installation option.
  • Abundant natural light makes for an attractive, private setting.
  • Year-round access in any weather.
  • Easiest for DIY installation.
  • No excavation means a faster, more affordable installation.
  • Lower heating costs than for outdoor pools.
  • Safer for children and pets.
  • Low-chlorine water purification so your rooms will smell fresh.
  • Secure cover options make controlling humidity a breeze.


  • May require exterior steps to enter.
  • For new spaces, the required construction raises costs.
  • Ceiling height may limit which model you can choose.
  • In-ground pools can be more attractive and accessible.